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The structure of the center


"Diagnostics of infectious diseases" Laboratory

"Food products Analysis" Laboratory

"Registrationtests, testing of veterinary products'' Laboratory

"National Collection of the deposited microorganisms strains" Laboratory

1. The organization

The main activities of RSE "NRTSV" are:

1) The referent function on the diagnosis of animal diseases;

2) Maintaining the National Collection;

3) Registration trial testings of veterinary drugs, nutrition additives, as well as control series of drug reclamation;

4) State monitoring reference to ensure nutrition safety;

5) Safety monitoring of veterinary drugs, nutrition and nutrition additives.

1. Staff Information

RSE "NRTSV" staff amounts 115 people, including Astana branch office – 82 and Almaty branch office  - 33.

The staff of the RSE "NRTSV" is represented by two doctors and four candidates of veterinary and biological sciences, as well as qualified personnel with higher professional education with a long-standing practical experience in the laboratory and recently higher education graduates institution experts in various areas including: veterinary, biotech and biochemical faculties. Laboratory workers possess both modern and classical methods of laboratory research. During the year, we conducted trainings and workshops on biosafety machinery operation, results analysis, laboratory training studies of young professionals both on the basis of RSE "NRTSV", and in various international institutions.

Equipment information

RSE "NRTSV" is equipped with the latest instruments and apparatus for laboratory research:

- A set of equipment for IFA on detection of antibodies and antigens of various infectious agents;

- A set of equipment for the PCR - to detect DNA / RNA infectious agents, detection of genetically modified DNA in nutrition and nutrient additives;

- Genetic Analyzer:

- Biosafety laminar flow hoods (class 2 and 3);

- Low temperature freezers -80 °C microorganisms storage and isolated DNA / RNA;

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometer with double focusing high-resolution, DFS, which permit carrying out isomerically specific determination of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDD) and dibenzofurans (PCDF);

- Inductively coupled plasma ICP / MS 7700 mass spectrometers, Agilent Technologies, allowing to carry out a study on the presence of toxic elements up to 70 indicators;

- Automated sample preparation system (extraction and purification) PowerPrep, FMS;

As well as other auxiliary devices including Bioanalyzer, pH meters, water baths, autoclaves, etc.

Thus, staffing, and laboratory equipment allows to conduct laboratory tests upon the highest modern standards.

1. Goals and Objectives

4.1. Purposes and activities

The purpose of the RSE "NRTSV" is to conduct diagnostic studies and methodological work in the field of veterinary medicine in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To achieve this goal RSE "NRTSV" provides as follows:

1) A reference in the implementation of diagnostic studies of animal and bird diseases;

2) carrying out laboratory tests of products and raw materials of animal origin, veterinary drugs, nutrition and nutrient additives;

3)  to conduct ongoing monitoring of epizootic diseases of wild animals;

4) removal and elimination of wild animals and birds for the purpose of monitoring epizootic within the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation;

5) maintain the National Collection of deposited microorganisms;

6) monitoring the safety of veterinary drugs, nutririon and nutrient additives, including the collection and processing of information, as well as the implementation of analysis, evaluation and forecast of the processed information obtained by monitoring the safety of veterinary drugs, nutririon and nutrient additives;

7) testing of veterinary drugs, nutririon and nutrient additives for the purpose of determining its immunobiological properties and epidemiological efficacy, the lack of consequences of their actions on the the animal body, and environmental safety for possible use in veterinary practice;

8) examination of scientific and technical documentation on drug development for veterinary use and manuals for the laboratory tests;

9) implementation of diagnosis of pathological material, in order to determine or confirm the cause of illness, death of breeds with suspected infectious diseases, parasitic diseases Ileana poisoning, the issuance of the examination within the framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation;

10) organizing and participating in seminars, trainings, scientific conferences dealing with the competence of the RSE "NRTSV";

11) to conduct and participate in national and international research projects affiliated with the competence of the Enterprise.

4.2. RSE "NRTSV" objectives are:

The aim of the reference laboratory studies is to confirm or exclude the presence of infectious diseases, nutrition safety assessment, determining the cause of death of animals and determine their species in cases of dispute. The task of monitoring research is to carry out laboratory tests to detect infectious diseases among wildlife fauna, and defining various indicators in the nutrition of animal origin in accordance with nutrition regulations.

Another task of the center is deposition and storage of the microorganisms, to investigate veterinary medicine, the genetic properties of epizootic strains of especially dangerous infections for the annual refreshment. Refreshment is performed in accordance with the existing passport for each microorganism.

Evaluation of the quality and consistency of veterinary products entering the Republic of Kazakhstan in different aspects by laboratory tests is the final registration center task.

The object of research is agricultural animals and birds, various species of wild animals and birds, bacteria, different nomenclature, antigens, vaccines, nutrition of animal orygin, feeding, soil, water and other objects of veterinary supervision.

Research methods used in the research are: epizootologicheskie, serological, bacteriological, molecular biological, biochemical, toxicological and radiological. RSE "NRTSV" carries out its activities in accordance with the work plan, according to the order of the State program "Veterinary activities and ensuring food security" in the two sub-programs: 102 "Monitoring, reference, laboratory diagnostics in veterinary medicine" and 103 "Ensuring food security."

Including paid services such as carrying out laboratory tests and registration of veterinary drug testings and legal registration in the Republic of Kazakhstan; laboratory and diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. Enterprise work plan is made up on the basis of its functional tasks - diagnosis, expert work in laboratories, development of normative and legal acts on the organization of veterinary laboratory business to provide entrepreneurs and individuals with advice associated with the diagnosis of animal diseases, to conduct reference studies within questionable or controversial cases, implementation of animal diseases diagnosis, scientific and methodological coordination of the enterprise activities.  

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